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Services Provided by the Central Agency
The role of the Central Agent is similar to the full authority given to the seller in real estate. Once a Central Representative is selected, the yacht owner no longer has to talk to other brokers or potential clients. Instead, the Central Agent manages the flow of information and communication between all other eligible brokers and agents and charter guests.
The Central Agent correctly positions the yacht in suitable markets with maximum advertising power to complete the charter contract.
After available dates are agreed with the guest, the Central Representative confirms the validity of the buyer and closes the date to the guest with the appropriate deposit. In short, when a yacht owner chooses a Central Agent, they have chosen someone to represent their interests and should expect a commitment of effort.

Diligence and Attention
Bodrum Life As Yachting, we get all the information about each yacht offered for charter, and we take care to convey accurate and detailed information to both other brokers and customers. Bodrum Life , brings together all charter offers for the yacht and forwards them promptly to the yacht owner as appropriate. More importantly, we ensure that all offers are as complete as possible in form and content.

Dünya Çapında Erişim & Market Awareness

Bodrum Life Yachting maintains accurate and comprehensive listing specifications for each yacht with the following information: Pictures, profile and general layout plans, and brochures where appropriate. This information is distributed worldwide and across the industry to all interested buyers. We're also constantly updating the appropriate audiences with information about yacht changes (e.g. location, charter status, price, inspection arrangements, etc.).

Experienced and Attentive Global Marketing Network

Bodrum Life Yachting, Europe, It maintains full cooperation with all major brokerage houses around the world, including the United States, the United Kingdom, the Middle East and the Far East. We communicate with these brokers, agents and brokers through international multiple listing services and traditional and digital communications.

Qualified Expectations

Domestic and International Width
Bodrum Life Yachting reviews all requested inspections to ensure a qualified yacht and then organizes and coordinates all scheduled appointments directly with the yacht and its crew (unless otherwise specified by the owner).

Our Central Yacht List

  • Luxury Motoryacht BY-000 – Renewal Year 2022 – 3 Cabins
  • Luxury Motoryacht BY-999 Fairline Squadron – Year of Refurbishment 2018 – 2 Cabins

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